To Do in March

Oh March… March… March. There’s just… not much to say about it. I can’t combat it like I did February, with heavy knits, spicy food and smokey scotch. I can’t welcome it like I plan to April, with the expected crocuses and longer stretches of daylight. It’s simply a held breath, like a layover somewhere boring on the way to someplace terrific.  Still, something inside me goes all panicky at the thought of simply “trudging though” any portion of my life, ridding myself of the habit of simply holding out until the next break was why I left Baltimore and moved to Boston in the first place. It seems so… ungrateful, to not acknowledge and at least attempt to appreciate every day that we have. AND SO! With hearty gusto and verve, here are some things I’m looking forward to in March.Jess Shearer
Returning to Children’s Books. E. Nesbit, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Shel Silverstein, oh my! There’s nothing more comforting than your favorite piece of kid lit, the best of which grow with you. My personal favorite is The Secret Garden.Records
Revisiting some old favorites. So I’m keeping the nostalgia theme going here. Just like I can remember the magic of my first time reading Anne of Green Gables, I can remember the first time I danced around like a maniac to Springsteen’s “Blinded by the Light” in my parent’s living room. I love contemporary music as much as the next gal, but hell, is there anything better than “Moondance“? I think not.Glassware
Trying out some new glassware. So while I’m reading my old books and listening to my old music I’ll be trying out my new glassware. Part of the fun of this blog is that I no longer have to worry about buying sets of glassware, and can go wild picking up random cast offs like these babies.
Irish Whisky
Returning to Irish Whiskey. In honor of this March’s biggest holiday, I’ll be returning to my first malty love, the Irish whiskey. While I love me a good scotch, bourbon or rye, I preferred the Irish stuff for years, and with bottles like these, you can’t go wrong.ottolenghi
Lightening up. Look. I love a stew or a roast as much as the next girl. More, probably, but this is about the time of year that I start to yearn for caprese salads. While fresh tomatoes are a long way off, I can still lighten up on the palate a bit with Ottolenghi, whose creative recipes are chocked full of fresh flavors. Shashuka, pictured here, is a favorite in this house. It’s one of the way’s I’ll be enjoying March, what about you?



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